Putting Farm Safety into Practice – Grain and Forage Harvest

Late summer and fall are high-risk times as harvest operations ramp up quickly.  In Wisconsin, we always have tight time windows to get forages, corn, soybeans and other crops harvested and put into storage  to make it through the year. It’s that urgency and time pressure that can contribute to mistakes that often leads to injuries or even death. The best way to prevent harvest season injuries is to invest prep time to get your equipment and storage structures ready for the busy season.  Adjustments and maintenance that improve safety also can also help maximize the quality and value of your crop. Many terrible farming injuries happen when a breakdown occurs. People get super-stressed or frustrated and then do something that they know might be dangerous.

In this article, UW-Extension farm safety specialists highlight the actions you can take to improve safety this harvest season: https://fyi.uwex.edu/agsafety/2017/08/24/2990/