Farm City Day

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The 2018 Farm City Day will be hosted by Johnson Holsteins, the Johnson Family on Saturday August 18th from 10-2.  The farm is located at 1963 110th Ave, Baldwin, WI.  More details to come throughout the summer!

Farm City Day Poster 2018

About our 2018 Host Family:

Welcome to Johnson Dairy, owned and operated by Bob and Nancy Johnson and their 3 sons Matt, Brad and Pat. Their nephew Mitch Johnson also helps milk evenings and weekends and helps with field work. Matt and his wife Ashley have a son, Karson. Brad and his wife Krista have 4 children, Mckinley, Landon, Emmett and Dalton. Their daughter Jessica who works doing graphic design has a son, Kayden.  They hope their grandchildren will be the future of their farm.

The farm was originally purchased by Bob’s great-grandfather Charles in 1904. Then it was passed down to Harold and Mae Johnson Sr. and again to Bob’s parents Harold and Ruth Johnson Jr. In 1992 Bob took over the farm. Since the last time they had Farm City Day in 1998 a lot has changed. Their children have grown and so has their herd and farm land.

Once the boys graduated high school they knew they wanted to pursue farming as a living. That is when they decided to build their first barn. They had enough cows to fill that first barn since they were switching cows multiple times through the tie stall barn. They put a milking parlor in the old tie stall barn and continue to milk their 350 cows through there still. They have since built other buildings to accommodate their growing herd. They own 700 acres and rent another 1100 acres where they raise corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

Matt and Brad started their own business selling embryos and bulls. They collect embryos from their highest genetic valued cattle and sell them to buyers in Japan, Germany, and Holland among others. They also sell bulls to different bull studs. Pat bought a big square baling business and has been doing that for the last 5 years.

They hope to see you on Saturday, August 18th to enjoy a day on the farm. Be sure to thank all the volunteers that make having Farm City Day possible. See you then!

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